Human-Centered Design

Strategic Research, Branding and UX Design

Strategy matters, design communicates, and iterative testing improves service; so thus complete successful cycles.

Ciclos Studio - Metodología


We transform problems into opportunities

Ciclos Studio - Behavioral Research

Behavioral Research

Resources are always at our disposal and with a curious mindset we will build archetypes, scenarios, flows and behavioral patterns.

Ciclos Studio - Strategic Branding

Strategic Branding

We design tactics, signs and strategic communication products related to the essence and objectives of the business.

Ciclos Studio - Prototyped and UX Design

Prototyped and UX Design

We optimize the user experience, which we test to transform them into functional visual solutions.

Ciclos Studio - Design Challenges

Design challenges

Disruption is everywhere, we challenge ourselves to discover it through proposals focused on adding value to your product or service.


Each design process allows us to embrace and co-create the identity of each product or service, achieving a dynamic experience of reflection and meaning with each brand.

Ciclos Studio - Mariana Roggero
Mariana Roggero Branding
Ciclos Studio - Worlboosting
Worlboosting Branding | UX | UI
Ciclos Studio - Rosatoro
Rosatoro Branding
Ciclos Studio - Juntas
Juntas UX | UI | DEV
Ciclos Studio - G5 tu viaje seguro
G5 tu viaje seguro Branding | UX | UI
Ciclos Studio - Entropía
Entropía Branding | UX | UI

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary and holistic team

Ciclos Studio - Heison Espinoza
Heison Espinoza CEO & Product Designer
“Designing with purpose” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Gloria Alonso
Gloria Alonso Service Designer
“Adopting behaviors to innovate” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Ashly Cáceres
Ashly Cáceres Behavioral Researcher
“Research 4 connect” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Gonzalo Reyes
Gonzalo Reyes Project Lead
“Usable, accesible and adaptable” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Jhonel Rojas
Jhonel Rojas UX/UI Designer
“I think therefore I design” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Ivette Alvariño
Ivette Alvariño UX Designer
“Nothing is impossible” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Dayvid Rojas
Dayvid Rojas Visual Designer
“Less is more” CONNECT >>
Ciclos Studio - Dino Saurio
Dino Saurio ex CEO
“Innovation is inevitable” CONNECT >>

Design is not necessary, it is inevitable

Collaborative work

Sharing is the basis of our essence

Ciclos Studio - Jennifer Milla

Jennifer Milla

Conscious Business

“Ciclos es un buen equipo de diseño, juntos”
Ciclos Studio - Pedro Baumann

Pedro Baumann

CEO of Viacodigo

“Ciclos es un buen equipo de diseño, juntos”
Ciclos Studio - Cristian Vega

Cristian Vega

CTO in Talently

“Ciclos es un buen equipo de diseño, juntos”
Ciclos Studio - Lucho Chumpitazi

Lucho Chumpitazi

Director of Lingo

“Ciclos es un buen equipo de diseño, juntos”


Our work process is based on Human-centered Design and inspired by Design Sprint and contextualized experiences

Ciclos Studio - Methodology

¡We believe in community growth!

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